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C) Collect at least 2 photos from each country

  • Playa del Carmen_

A picture of a hotel. 484352.jpg

A picture of the beach. 6901437.jpg

  • Chichen Itza_

A partial view. 21146763.jpg

A futher view. 10233065.jpg

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B) Visit two places of interest

-Write a paragraph describing *Purpose of the monument or location *Importance

The first place I want to visit in Mexico is Playa del Carmen. I want to visit this place because of how travellerspoint talks about the beautiful beaches, possibilities of diving/snorkeling, and the clubs. Playa del Carmen is located in west Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo. This place is built for tourists. The best beach there is Mamaitas which is 30 pesos for a sun bed under a parasol. There also is a theme park located south of Playa del Carmen which is called the Xcaret. The price for adults is $69.00 and for a child it is $34.50 based on height between 40" and 45" tall. It's importance ...

The second place I want to visit in Mexico is the Chichen Itza. I would greatly like to visit this place because it is one of the seven world wonders. This place is located on the Yucatan Peninsula between Merida and Valladolid. For the tourists that stay in Riviera Maya, this site would make a good day trip. The pyramid Kukulcan or El Castillo is not climbable anymore. A fun fact: Two times a year during the Spring and Autumn equinox it seems like a snake comes down the stairs of the north staircase; this is the feathered snake which represents Kuklcan or Quetzalcoatle. While the sun is rising and setting the shadow of the snake follows the sun. Down beneath the temple archeologists found another temple. In this temple, there was a Chac Mool statue and a throne in the shape of a jaguar painted red with spots of made inlaid jade. This site also has a ball field! Bigger than many other ball fields. Even though no one knew how the ball game was played, the pictures showed that the game ended bloody!

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A) Summary of the country information

-Relative location. -Brief overview of the country

Mexico is the first place I would travel to because it is close to home. Mexico city is Mexico's capital. The Mexican National Anthem is "Himno Nacional Mexicano." They speak Spanish as their national language. The Federal Presidential republic is their government. Their is Felipe Calderon. Legislature is Congress. Upper house is Senate while lower house is Chamber of Deputies. Independence was declared for Mexico on Sept. 15, 1810 and finally recognized Sept. 27, 1821. Mexico has a total area of 761, 6606 square miles. The percent of water they have here is 2.5%. The population as of the middle of 2008 is 111,211, 789. The density of the population is 142/sq. mi.. Their total GDP as a 2208 estimate is $1, 563 trillion and per capita is $14, 534. The currency in this country is peso. The time zone is UTC-8 to-6 and summer varies UTC -7 to -5. They drive on the right side of the car. Lastly, their calling code is 52.

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